Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still Learning ...

Oops I did not know what happened but before I could type in anything I posted an empty text ... groan. Am still learning the hang of blogging. When I read the blog of other bloggers I just marvel at how good they are. Being a computer illiterate there is so much to learn!
I chanced on one that has no pictures, just thoughts being shared and penned down aah ..
it encourages me and this is the result ... I am making my third (no it is fourth - the third one was just a caption!) attempt at blogging.

The main thought of the day is young Yang Peiyi with the voice of a nightingale. Because she does not have the beauty she was not given the chance of appearing in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Pretty Lin Miaoke was given the honour instead. If I can write to her I would tell her this -

"Peiyi Mei Mei, please do not be discouraged, it was your voice that was heard, the world now knows about you and I am sure many like me feels for you. Think about it, viewers around the world and the thousands who graced the ceremony were entertained by your beautiful voice when you sang the song, you may not be in the fore front but your voice and the story behind why you did not get a chance of being on show will forever remained in our heart!"

Such is life, but God is fair the truth prevails.