Thursday, October 16, 2008

Until You Taste You Do Not Know ....

Yes, until one taste the goodness of God want does not know. I wanted to post this yesterday but was just too busy to do so but it is better late than not doing so.

Yesterday morning I proclaim God's goodness in a text to someone dear, not realising that I would see this manifested half an hour later! I had a thorough bred handsome Alsatian charging at me. I just stood my ground and waited for the inevitable. Incredibly I had that peace within me even though my heart was thumping like a bongo drum. Believe it or not the dog halted in front of me, and looked intently at me - and me at him. (I would rather a big hunk of a handsome man doing that instead of a big strong and healthy dog.) The dog decided that I needed a thorough sniff over; he started from my toes, legs and up to my upper thigh - sniffed and looked, sniffed and looked. It must have been a sight to behold ....

By God's grace the owner of the dog who was on her way out looked at her reflector mirror and must have seen what was happening, rolled the screen of her car down and shouted at the dog.
Reluctantly the dog bidded her call and ran back into the house. Phew ....

I believe my Lord has intervened and I was spared being bitten by the dog who is know for his ferociousness. Someone asked me, did the owner not apologised, well it did not occur to me that this is necessary, I was not bitten by the dog, I know that when an Alsatian attacks it usually leaps at its victim. I was spared, I could not asked for more. I know that my God has protected me I am just very grateful. Yes, until one has "taste" and see how good God is one do not know.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Today is a new day, the first day of my re-birth. Today the sun shines bright - it is a good omen. A promise of growth and vitality. Today I feel confident that all will be well. This is so because I am relying on God's strength to see me through day by day henceforth.

I allowed myself to sink into the miry clay six months ago. By God's mercy I am out of the mess I am in and I know that He will guide me as I take the walk of faith with Him. God promised that He is always with me, He never forsakes me. He also promised that my sins He remembers no more because Jesus has taken it on Himself when He hung on the cross for me. I am righteous in His sight. I am a precious child of God, deeply loved, highly favoured and greatly blessed. I cannot ask for me. Thank You Father for Your love, grace and mercy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Not Just The Genes ...

This thoughts have been buzzing around my head since Sunday. A truth surfaced. It is amazing really.

There is always the talk that it is our genes that determines who we and what we are. There is truth to this but I realised that it is our our environment and more importantly our up bringing and the values imparted and instilled in us in our formative years that determines our character. This truth manifested itself like a sore thumb, there is the eight of them, one was fostered out and this person is so different from the rest. Try as the person would it is hard to blend into the family fold. In this respect this person is again grateful though life with the foster family was not a rosey one!

The Chinese adage that says that it is "the bowl of rice that one eats daily that shapes a person" (i.e. the family from which one grows up with) rings so true.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still Learning ...

Oops I did not know what happened but before I could type in anything I posted an empty text ... groan. Am still learning the hang of blogging. When I read the blog of other bloggers I just marvel at how good they are. Being a computer illiterate there is so much to learn!
I chanced on one that has no pictures, just thoughts being shared and penned down aah ..
it encourages me and this is the result ... I am making my third (no it is fourth - the third one was just a caption!) attempt at blogging.

The main thought of the day is young Yang Peiyi with the voice of a nightingale. Because she does not have the beauty she was not given the chance of appearing in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Pretty Lin Miaoke was given the honour instead. If I can write to her I would tell her this -

"Peiyi Mei Mei, please do not be discouraged, it was your voice that was heard, the world now knows about you and I am sure many like me feels for you. Think about it, viewers around the world and the thousands who graced the ceremony were entertained by your beautiful voice when you sang the song, you may not be in the fore front but your voice and the story behind why you did not get a chance of being on show will forever remained in our heart!"

Such is life, but God is fair the truth prevails.