Friday, June 12, 2009

Age is not a factor

Age is not a factor, no it is not. One just need to be true to oneself. To allow oneself to taste the beauty around us. To allow oneself to be vibrant, to express oneself, to step into the unkown, to taste the sweetness of love regardless how old the calendar indicate one to be.

Age is not a factor, oh to love and be loved, to learn how to love and express love. Age is not a factor if one allows oneself to open oneself up and experience the magic of this thing call love. Age is not a factor if one just allow oneself to open one's heart!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thirty-nine years on

Thirty nine years have gone past. Thirty-nine years ago this time a niave 20 year old walked down the ailse with so much hope. Thirty-nine years later this no longer niave woman looks back and smile. Yes smile and shake her head.

So much has happened these past thirty-nine years so much and it has been by God's saving grace that she is still around and b e able to pen her thoughts wanting to say much yet not so much.

Today is a day of a new chapter in many sense of the word. Today she steps out with only two items which means the world to her. Nothing valuable in terms of value but very valuable in terms of sentiment. Two items which are token of love and a heart full of love. Today thirty-nine years later she could still be in love and for this she is very grateful.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sudden Demise In The Backyard

It was sad. It was inevitable. It numbered No 9 of the victims to be "killed" without much notice in the backyard. Is the victim a pet (cat or dog), a mouse, a bird no no ..... it is a poor helpless tree! Yes a tree and it is tree no 9 to be chopped off!!! No amount of plea could prevent it being hardlessly felled. It did not commit any crime except shedding leaves and habouring red ants. The reason for it having to go was just simple - man has lost the joy of sweeping its fallen leaves. Where are the days when it was a joy, when the tree was being praised for the shade it has given? Nah, all this is forgotten. Man has such short memory..... man is selfish .... utterly heartless. The birds would have missed its branches, there could have been nests on the tree. The forlorn owl hoots are no longer heard .... poor tree, poor birds and also poor ants - all their nests gone too. Man is happy, no more leaves to sweep. The only one consolation is that at least tree's life was spared another two years. Talk of felling tree was already in man's mind two years ago. Pleas not to fell tree because of environmental and ecology aspect tuggged man's conscience but only for a short while. Two years down the road the inconvenience of sweeping tree's leaves took over whatever conscience there was in man's mind. This time pleas fell on deaf ears. Tree had to go. And go it did. Good bye tree, sorry birds, too bad ants. Only man is pleased. Apart from not having leaves to sweep anymore he has won a place in the hall of fame joining the many who has contributed to global warming and de-forestation of the urban kind.