Monday, March 30, 2009

Thirty-nine years on

Thirty nine years have gone past. Thirty-nine years ago this time a niave 20 year old walked down the ailse with so much hope. Thirty-nine years later this no longer niave woman looks back and smile. Yes smile and shake her head.

So much has happened these past thirty-nine years so much and it has been by God's saving grace that she is still around and b e able to pen her thoughts wanting to say much yet not so much.

Today is a day of a new chapter in many sense of the word. Today she steps out with only two items which means the world to her. Nothing valuable in terms of value but very valuable in terms of sentiment. Two items which are token of love and a heart full of love. Today thirty-nine years later she could still be in love and for this she is very grateful.

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