Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Not Just The Genes ...

This thoughts have been buzzing around my head since Sunday. A truth surfaced. It is amazing really.

There is always the talk that it is our genes that determines who we and what we are. There is truth to this but I realised that it is our our environment and more importantly our up bringing and the values imparted and instilled in us in our formative years that determines our character. This truth manifested itself like a sore thumb, there is the eight of them, one was fostered out and this person is so different from the rest. Try as the person would it is hard to blend into the family fold. In this respect this person is again grateful though life with the foster family was not a rosey one!

The Chinese adage that says that it is "the bowl of rice that one eats daily that shapes a person" (i.e. the family from which one grows up with) rings so true.

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